Rock Band and Guitar Hero


Check out our Disco and Karaoke packages for easy pricing. Bronze, Silver & Gold. All 3 options are available with Karaoke as an optional extra. Click here for more details.

For smaller or shorter events the bronze package includes two 300w speakers mounted on poles and 1 lighting set.

If you have an event that requires a more generous amount of music power, opt for the Silver package. This includes two 500w speakers and two 300w speakers if space permits, two lighting sets and starcloth.

For the ultimate package, opt for Gold. This includes four 500w speakers and two 300w speakers if space permits, two lighting sets, starcloth and other extra lighting. Karaoke is available on this package at no extra charge.

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Welcome to NightLong.co.uk. Hopefully this will answer your questions about us and help you decide to use us for your entertainment.

Back in 2012, I created a three tier pricing package and it's worked well, but due to the tough economic climate, the prices are GETTING LOWER!!! We at NightLong know that your priority is to ensure that everyone has a night to remember, and it is not always the wisest idea to go for the cheapest disco but for only £160 for Disco and £180 for Karaoke in 2014, you can expect a high quality night of karaoke or disco entertainment anywhere within Lincolnshire or surrounding areas. Click here for more details.

We are currently available for booking on most weekends.  We have a huge music collection, and can cover most tastes, specialising in 80s, 90s, 00s and recent chart music.

We use the latest music technology combined with professional grade equipment and many years of experience to provide you with a satisfying evening's entertainment.

For any booking enquiries complete the form on the Booking Enquiry page, or otherwise, please email djv@NightLong.co.uk and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Alternatively you can give me a call on 07830 207969.

NightLong has now established TWO regular karaoke nights that you are welcome to attend. Every first friday of the month at the Wheatsheaf in Swineshead, and every third saturday at the New Castle in Boston.  Stay tuned for 2014. We are currently investing into new projects which could allow your event to be more enjoyable than ever before.